Keeping the Lights on During COVID-19

This essay compiles all references on PECO's Twitter to "Keeping the Lights On." According to Jenny Rinkinen, author of Energy Fables: Challenging Ideas in the Energy Sector, "Keeping the lights on is a recurrent phrase used in political and public discussion of energy issues. It conveys the idea that it is crucial to keep energy systems working, smoothly and uninterrupted, and for governments to ensure that this is achieved" (Rinkinen, 68).

PECO is one of the seven major electric distribution companies in Pennsylvania and serves Philadelphia along with its surrounding suburbs.

From March 16th to June 29th, PECO's Twitter has used the phrase seven times. One of the tweets was a video of CEO Micheal Innocenzo speaking at the Mayor's Press Conference where he uses the phrase. The tweet itself uses the sentence in which he uses the phrase as part of the tweet.


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June 29, 2020

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