Tweets: College Students and Internet


A photo essay that contains tweets made by college students / addressed to college students on the sub-theme of the Internet within the theme of Energy Vulnerability (through Internet Bills based narrative) with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cite as: Bhagwat, A. "Tweets: College students and internet," in Spring2020 Lab, The Energy Vulnerability Project, Platform for Experimental and Collaborative Ethnography. (Original June 15 2020).

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Tweet: Kamala Harris, Congress must address broadband for education

Sen. Harris makes a pertinent point regarding the plight of students.

Tweets: Connectivity for High Education Students Act

Proposed by Sen. Klobuchar on May 14th, if passed, this bill would be a landmark ruling for higher education equity.

Tweets: College Students, Difficulty in paying Internet bills

"Twitter Philantrophy" was beaconed by colleges students who sought financial assistance to pay their internet bills, which they need for class.

Tweets: College Student, Internet Bills

While corporate companies like Spectrum and Comcast did provide initiatives for college students, they weren't received without hiccups. Lack of support from colleges regarding aid for internet and electricity access was also noted by students.

College Students: Lack of Institutional Support for Internet Bills

Harvard University failed to make a mention of any contingency plans for internet and electricity access in the COVID-19 response for students who are now receiving remote learning. This was common for most colleges.


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