Tweets: College Students, Energy Vulnerability, & COVID-19


A photo essay that contains tweets made by college students / addressed to college students on the theme of Energy Vulnerability (through Electricity/Utility Bills based narrative) with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cite as: Bhagwat, A. "Tweets: College Students, Energy Vulnerability, & COVID-19," in Spring2020 Lab, The Energy Vulnerability Project, Platform for Experimental and Collaborative Ethnography. (Original June 15 2020).

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Tweet: Esmeralda Bermudez. Tomorrow, Bills are due.

Tomorrow, bills are due. They do not stop for anyone.

Tweets: College Students and Stimulus Check

College students who were claimed as dependents were not included as recipients to the stimulus package. Without being claimed as dependants, college students could not apply for FAFSA (financial aid). There seemed to be confusion over the eligibility of college students who worked part-time jobs.

Tweets: College Students Seeking Relief for Utility Bills through Twitter Philantrophy

Many college students turned to Twitter Philanthropist Bill Pulte (Billionaire Real Estate Developer), Jeffrey Star (Reality Star), Fredrick Joseph (Author, who raised $300,000 in a #RentRelief campaign) to seek financial help.

Tweets: College Students, COVID-19 Policies & Energy Vulnerability

There was a difference in opinion over the inclusion of college students in relief/stimulus packages among older demographics of the population. Their opinion was to not include college students in state-sponsored financial incentives for COVID-19, whereas college students were quick to present their case and argue for their inclusion.

Tweets: College Students have to Hustle in America

In KDs tweet, a reply to @TBold14 is displayed. @TBold14 tweeted that if people can't live without income for 8 weeks due to the stay-at-home orders, then they need to acquire financial literacy. To this KD says that @TBold14 does not know what it feels like to come from nothing.

In the second tweet, R Virginia says that if Venezuela, a country which is in a much more difficult financial situation than the United States, can afford to cancel utility and service payments then why not the United States?

College Students have to hustle in America.


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