COVID-19: Government to absorb electricity bills for the poor, others to enjoy 50% slash.

To be taking an energy vulnerability class during a pandemic like this I must say has been a blessing. This is because, with the knowledge I am attaining on this subject matter, I am beginning to understand what energy vulnerability is, and the extent to which it is a world-wide concern even in...Read more

Calling the Seven Major Pennsylvania Electric Companies' Act 129 Representitive

I left a voicemail for PECO's PPL's, and Kent Hatt of First Energy. The representitive for Duqesnse's phone would not ring and Ed Miller's mailbox was full. As of April 19th, I have yet to hear back from any of them.Read more

The time of energy demand

I thought the point about energy demand as an “ongoing constitution” was really useful, specifically for thinking about how energy demand changed during COVID19. It made me wonder how...Read more

Philly schools spending $11M on computers to be used during coronavirus closures; Comcast CEO, family donating $5M

After the COVID-19 pandemic shuts down Philadelphia, the school district tries to purchase enough computers to supply a computer to every student. After the initial shut down the Philadelphia school district makes moves to bring equity of education to all primary and secondary students.Read more

How coronavirus is changing electricity usage, in 3 charts

This news article talks about shifting energy demand during COVID-19, focusing on California, New York, and Italy. Data is taking from electricity grids and shows that there is a reduced overall demand on the grid -- so even with increased usage in households, the amount of energy consumption is...Read more

Caught in a patchwork of policies and pledges, some utility customers may still be awaiting electricity restoration or racking up fees

This article reports on the state of disconnections across the United States in March 2020. One of the major points of the article is that, although many states have suspended utility shut-offs during the pandemic (sometimes for an unspecified length of time) there is little data on whether...Read more

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