100% Clean and Renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight All-Sector Energy Roadmaps for 139 Countries of the World

This article caught my attention because after all the reading I have done recently on this topic, I am looking for solutions, primarily for a ‘feel good’ factor. Else the complexity of this global  crisis of energy vulnerability is overwhelming me.  I do understand that this is an optimistic...Read more

Electricity Cost and Consumption: Holiday Lights and Decorations in America

One aspect of the holidays which I never think about, is the high amount of energy consumption during these celebratory times. From travel to retail manufacturing, most components of the holidays are amounting to more and more energy costs. Especially, holiday lights! Retail businesses,...Read more

Energy sector going through reforms for better service

“Energy Minister John Peter Amewu has noted that the energy sector of the Ghanaian economy is going through reforms in order to perform optimally under internationally best practice, build and improve the capacity of the various players and also to strengthen private sector...Read more

The Electricity Situation in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities

This artifact is a paper written by Kumi (2017) and commissioned by the Center for Global Development in a bid to obtain a better understanding of Ghana’s context, and the role of international actors with respect to energy: specifically, electrification. Despite the doubling of installed...Read more

Helman - Hidden Costs Working Home - 2020

The article herein comments on the downfalls of working from home, especially in terms of costs, during the current COVID-19 outbreak. It takes into consideration energy use, consumption, and cost for residents.Read more

What Its Like To Live Without Electricity?

This news article is an interesting read because it throws light on the daily struggles that a person endures, when they are deprived of their access to basic energy needs.  In most of the villages today in India, energy is produced within the village by the vilagers themselves for their basic...Read more

The biggest energy challenges facing humanity

The title of this article mentions challenges but as I read through, I realized that it is also providing some solutions at a global level on the energy crisis. The article claims that energy demands will go by 50% by 2040 with the largest requirement for cooling / air conditioning. Rising...Read more

UK households paid to use electricity during Covid-19 lockdown

This article caught my attention as soon as I read the title. I thought it was a bit bizzare because I have always heard everyone say " Do not waste electrcity" and here it says that households were paid to use electricty. Thousands of British homes were paid to use electricity during the day,...Read more

Energy access takes center stage in fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and powering recovery in Africa

Seeing countries with the most robust economies struggling to keep it together in a global pandemic like COVID-19, I wondered how Africa would cope if the virus seeped into the continent. This article chronicles what plight the continent is in, and fortunately what is being done to curb the...Read more

Using cocoa husks to create power in Ghana

This artifact throws more light on a project led by the University of Nottingham aimed at creating energy from cocoa husks to enable Ghana achieve her target of universal electricity access by 2030.

With Ghana being the 2nd highest cocoa producing country in the world, the probability of...Read more

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