In a bid to provide quality and reliable electricity to households and industries, Ghana’s first attempt to establish a modern legal framework for the energy industry was developed in the 1920s. A strategy paper was then launched in between 2012-2016 to support the 2 strategic stalwarts: “...Read more

Multi-dimensional energy poverty patterns around industrial crop projects in Ghana: Enhancing the energy poverty alleviation potential of rural development strategies

Literature findings have concluded that, providing stable employment and increase in income could improve the economic status of a household and thus enable them transition from the use of traditional fuels like fuelwood to modern energy sources like electricity; and this could aid in energy...Read more

The role of energy in economic growth

In this article, Nate Hagens gives an overview of the paper written by David I. Stern, energy and environmental economist working on the role of energy in the economy and the drivers and mitigation of climate change and a professor at the Crawford School of Public...Read more

Sobhani - Infrastructure, Unemployment, and COVID19 - 2020

This opinion piece talks about the potential to keep the United States' economy afloat simply by contracting workers to complete outstanding Federal and State infrastructure projects (including bridges and roads, and energy projects).Read more

Middleton - COVID19 Increase Pollution - 2020

The article focuses on the current reduction in air pollution, as stay-at-home orders increase, but it talks about the ripple effects and worsening pollution following these measures.Read more

The Electricity Situation in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities

This artifact is a paper written by Kumi (2017) and commissioned by the Center for Global Development in a bid to obtain a better understanding of Ghana’s context, and the role of international actors with respect to energy: specifically, electrification. Despite the doubling of installed...Read more

Boiling Point - LA Times

The newsletter here shown is part of several publications on the ways in which heat exacerbates health conditions or leads to their onset. That said, this specific newsletter exemplifies considerations of the way extreme heat can worsen death by heatstroke, and other heat-related deaths, as many...Read more

Conca - Pandemic Energy Use - 2020

The article comments on the changes in consumption that have been reported in the past weeks, mainly as the United States (and other Western Countries) have come to witness the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, the reporter mentions Energy peaks shifting hours and patterns and...Read more

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