Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

This artifact is very important in that it details the actual definitions of several terms applied to the term 'energy efficiency', like buildings, energy generation & distribution, community design, vehicles, freight and human behavior. Each of these topics are items which could harmfully...Read more

Analysis of Thomas Flaherty Interview

The weatherization assistance program, otherwise known as WAP, is one of they only assistance programs that applies interventions to physical fabric of the home. The goal of the WAP is strictly to achieve energy efficiency of the home and is otherwise helpless, sometimes even deleterious when it...Read more
Consumers’ perceptions of energy use and energy savings: A literature review

This article caught my attention because of the perfect match with the 3 research questions which I had in my mind during the first class of this course. Consumer’s perceptions about energy demand, supply, usage and concerns will vary across people from different geographies, economic...Read more

Lifting the High Energy Burden in America’s Largest Cities: How Energy Efficiency Can Improve Low Income and Underserved Communities

This report provides a snapshot of energy burdens in cities across the US. It focuses on the high home energy burdens faced by select groups in major metropolitan areas. Years of analysis by the firm of Fisher Sheehan & Colton determined that low-income households pay proportionally more...Read more


The 2010 National Energy Policy for Ghana was designed by the Ministry of Energy and approved by Cabinet on March 16, 2010 to facilitate the development of Ghana’s energy sector. The aim of this policy was to provide a framework to ensure the efficient management of energy resources as well as...Read more

The role of European policy for improving power plant fuel efficiency

This article addresses the efficiency upgrades as well as transition to renewable sources. It states in the article that because of the transition they have been able to reduce their emissions by 6 million tons annually. This is an incredibly high amount this is partly because they are now...Read more

Recognition of and response to energy poverty in the United States

This source was recently published and is an overview of energy poverty as seen in the United States and compared to the UK.Read more

Gillard et al. - Energy Justice - 2017

The interdisciplinary dialogue that is presented in this source serves to lay foundational understandings of fuel poverty and the phenomenon's complexity and its effects on housing stock and energy efficiency, particularly for low income and disabled people.Read more

The Electricity Situation in Ghana: Challenges and Opportunities

This artifact is a paper written by Kumi (2017) and commissioned by the Center for Global Development in a bid to obtain a better understanding of Ghana’s context, and the role of international actors with respect to energy: specifically, electrification. Despite the doubling of installed...Read more

Lessons from Europe, North America, and Asia: Financing Models that are Facilitating Building Energy Efficiency at Scale

The definitive objective of this report and the way it is written giving evidence of actual collaboration by the authors for the study are the two main reasons why I selected this as my artifact source. The report referred to the Paris Agreement at multiple instances. I have been hearing a lot...Read more

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