Energy Vulnerability

Lazenby - Fuel Poverty Deaths Rising - 2020

As can be grasped by the title of the article, the focus is placed on energy vulnerable populations and how their fuel poverty can and will intersect with the COVID-19 pandemic, possibly yielding negative outcomes for those individuals unable to sustain healthy home environments.Read more

Lifting the High Energy Burden in America’s Largest Cities: How Energy Efficiency Can Improve Low Income and Underserved Communities

This report provides a snapshot of energy burdens in cities across the US. It focuses on the high home energy burdens faced by select groups in major metropolitan areas. Years of analysis by the firm of Fisher Sheehan & Colton determined that low-income households pay proportionally more...Read more

Today in Energy Article on Energy Vulnerability (2018)

This article, produced by contributors from the U.S. Energy Information Administration,reports that nearly one-third of U.S. households (31%) reported facing a challenge in paying energy bills or sustaining adequate heating and cooling in their homes in 2015. These statistics are based off...Read more

2017 LIHEAP Advocate's Guide - National Low Income Housing Coalition

This document is a 2017 advocates guide for the federal LIHEAP program, produced by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. It provides a synopsis of the history/purpose for the LIHEAP program, a program summary, a funding forecast for the program in 2017, and talking points for advocates...Read more

Report: “Energy Burden” on Low-Income, African American, & Latino Households up to Three Times as High as Other Homes, More Energy Efficiency Needed

An “energy burden” review of 48 major U.S. metropolitan areas finds that low-income households devote up to three times as much income to energy costs as do other, higher-income households. The new report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the Energy...Read more

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