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This artifacts highlights Ghana’s plan to tap into her offshore potential. Currently, the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation has designated 2 blocks in the Voltain Basin in which it will assume exploration activities. This is going to be done in collaboration with international agencies in...Read more

Energy access takes center stage in fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and powering recovery in Africa

Seeing countries with the most robust economies struggling to keep it together in a global pandemic like COVID-19, I wondered how Africa would cope if the virus seeped into the continent. This article chronicles what plight the continent is in, and fortunately what is being done to curb the...Read more

Summer Heat Will Worsen the Pandemic for Poor Communities

This news analysis discusses extreme heat and energy insecurities during the COVID19 pandemic. This article calls for an expansion of energy efficiency and bill assistance programs (e.g. expanding LIHEAP funding for summer months) along with a nation-wide utility shutoff moratorium to provide...Read more

COVID-19's Impact on the Global Shift to Renewable Energy

This article offers an analysis of how the COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent global financial contraction and collapse in oil prices will impact the renewable energy industry. Read more

Additional LIHEAP funding urged for struggling families as Senate considers more COVID-19 relief

Proponents are advocating for a new round of federal funding for LIHEAP on account of the economic downturn that the nation faces due to COVID-19. They state that around $4.3 billion of funding is needed to protect struggling consumers in the coming months when utility shut-off moratoria...Read more

Using cocoa husks to create power in Ghana

This artifact throws more light on a project led by the University of Nottingham aimed at creating energy from cocoa husks to enable Ghana achieve her target of universal electricity access by 2030.

With Ghana being the 2nd highest cocoa producing country in the world, the probability of...Read more

Senators call for quick release of LIHEAP funds

This article includes background information on how the three stimulus bills passed to provide economic relief due to COVID-19 impacts LIHEAP. It describes a letter produced by a collective of 28 U.S. senators, based on data from a report produced by NEADA. Read more

COVID-19: Government to absorb electricity bills for the poor, others to enjoy 50% slash.

To be taking an energy vulnerability class during a pandemic like this I must say has been a blessing. This is because, with the knowledge I am attaining on this subject matter, I am beginning to understand what energy vulnerability is, and the extent to which it is a world-wide concern even in...Read more

How coronavirus is changing electricity usage, in 3 charts

This news article talks about shifting energy demand during COVID-19, focusing on California, New York, and Italy. Data is taking from electricity grids and shows that there is a reduced overall demand on the grid -- so even with increased usage in households, the amount of energy consumption is...Read more

Energy sector going through reforms for better service

“Energy Minister John Peter Amewu has noted that the energy sector of the Ghanaian economy is going through reforms in order to perform optimally under internationally best practice, build and improve the capacity of the various players and also to strengthen private sector...Read more

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